Coronation Street Spoilers: Gemma Winter goes into labour trapped in a cable car

Gemma Winter goes into labour while riding in a cable car with Chesney Brown...

When Coronation Street’s Gemma Winter says she wishes she could just get away for the day, Chesney Brown comes up with a plan on Wednesday 30th October (7.30pm, see our TV guide for full listings).

Using Bernie as a decoy with a blanket over her head, they get rid of the press and Chesney says they are going out for the day to Llandudno. In a cable car he seizes the opportunity and proposes – but  Gemma goes into labour and he’s forced to pull the emergency brake!

Fiz Brown in Coronation Street

Fiz is forced to make a confession after a call from her mother…

Fiz takes a call from her mum who reveals she’s had an accident and is currently in hospital. Jade assures Fiz that she’ll look after the girls while she goes to see to her mum. However when Hope hears Fiz’s plans to go away, she becomes upset and angry. Fiz confides in Jade that she suspects Hope was responsible for the recent factory fire, she’s clearly back to her old ways and she can’t possibly leave her like this.

Having taken a phone call from the wedding venue, Shona tells Gail and Sarah that the balance of money is due today but there’s no guarantee David will be out of prison in time. Shona reads a text from Imran informing her that David has been charged with attempted murder. Shona begs Nick to bury the hatchet and help his brother.

Yasmeen and an overly excited Geoff announce that they’ve bought Zeedan’s share of Speed Daal. Tim’s impressed to learn that his dad now owns a business. Yasmeen assures Alya that Geoff will be an asset to the business but Alya’s sceptical.