Coronation Street Spoilers: The race is on to rescue Gemma Winter before the quads arrive

Chesney calls for help as Gemma Winter goes into labour inside a cable car...

As their cable car swings in the breeze, Gemma Winter panics whilst Chesney Brown calls an ambulance in the second visit to Coronation Street on Wednesday 30th October (8.30pm, see our TV guide for full listings).

Coronation Street Spoilers: Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown becomes trapped in a cable car

Yasmeen worries when Geoff nips out for some wine…

Clearly enjoying his new owner status, Geoff invites Sally, Tim, Abi and Faye to join him and Yasmeen for dinner at Speed Daal. When Geoff announces he’s nipping out for some wine, Yasmeen worries that Alya will disapprove.

Jade persuades Fiz that it’s her duty to go and look after her mum and Hope will be in safe hands with her and Tyrone. Fiz gives Jade a grateful hug.

Later, Jade cooks a lovely meal for Tyrone and Evelyn, and afterwards she hands Tyrone a present. Tyrone’s thrilled to find it’s a dart board. Evelyn challenges them both to a game.

Gail calls the family together at No.8 and tells them she’s sick of all the infighting and it’s time they pulled together.