Coronation Street spoilers: Gina Seddon fraternises with the enemy

Gina Sneddon believes every word when Duncan tells her he and Sally had a torrid affair

Tim and Gina are incredulous at the lengths that Sally has gone to to delay the case until Paula and Sophie can gather more evidence against Duncan. Gina Seddon decides to meet Duncan to quiz him some more.

He spins her a pack of lies about how he fell in love and they had a torrid affair but she was just using him. Gina believes every word he says. Back at home Gina surprises Tim and Sophie by saying she will be a character witness for Sally. Whatever she is up to doesn’t look good for poor Sally…

Coronation Street spoilers: Gina Seddon fraternises with the enemy

Duncan tells Gina a string of lies

Brian realises that Phil’s exclusion of Hope is all part of his drive to become Headmaster. Cathy urges him to stand up to Phil but Brian tells him that Fiz and Tyrone are going to go to the press.

He’s pleased when Phil says he will review his decision but things don’t go quite as planned when he says that he is sending Hope to a pupil referral unit to be assessed as he has no time for disruptive children.

Mary’s dismayed when Angie reveals that she filled the police in on Jude’s duplicitous background, worried they won’t take his disappearance seriously.

Gemma wonders if she has missed the love boat…