Coronation Street spoilers: Gina Seedon is in hot water again

Gina Seddon starts a collection for Sally’s party but the money soon disappears.

Gina Seddon starts a collection for Sally’s party and is thrilled when Carla makes a generous donation.

She pushes the envelope through the letter box at no 13 for Sophie but Kevin finds it and thinks it is money from Sophie for Jack’s holiday, delighted they pack their bags and leave. Gina discovers Sophie never found the envelope and the cash has vanished.

Hearing how upset Shona is, Billy takes matter into his own hands and asks Paul to keep his ear to the ground for any info on Clayton. Paul reveals that Clayton is being let out for Dane’s funeral. Billy suggest Shona goes so she can see how he is.

Kate’s thrilled when her old school friend, Lolly, calls in the bistro. Lolly makes it clear she expects an invite to the wedding. But how will Kate react?

Gary surveys the damage to the factory roof and promises Carla he’ll do her a quote. But will Carla like what she hears when he gets back to her? When Steve shows Amy some booties he’s bought for the baby, Amy covers her guilt at lying to him. Later, Steve  is gutted to find out he’s been gazumped on the new house.

First part of our preview of tonight’s one-hour Coronation Street special.