Coronation Street spoilers: Gina’s feelings for Tim Metcalfe grow

Gina comforts Tim Metcalfe and reassures him he has done nothing wrong.

Sally Webster is upset when Tim Metcalfe tells her about his row with Imran. Back at home, Gina comforts Tim and reassures him he has done nothing wrong as he was just standing up for his wife.

Following her collapse, Liz asks Hannah to move in with her so she can take care of her, but Tracy is less than impressed. Meanwhile, Jim questions Hannah on whether they are going too far with their plan leaving Hannah to question if Jim still has feelings for Liz.

Hannah Comes To Stay

With things at the factory no better Peter looks into to buying the old snooker hall on Victoria Street.

Steve is embarrassed at his wedding dance class with Tracy when Mary and Abi make fun of him. When he storms out Abi offers to help him so he can surprise Tracy. Claudia suggests Ken should submit his short stories to the Gazette.

Second episode of Coronation Street being shown this evening.