Abi leaves a desperate message for Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), begging for help. Tracy’s shocked to find her lying unconscious on Victoria Street and quickly phones an ambulance.

As Abi is loaded into an ambulance, Seb’s beside himself and tells Tracy how his Mum’s life has fallen apart since she was accused of sabotaging Michelle’s car. It’s clear Tracy’s consumed with guilt.

Coronation Street spoilers: Guilty Tracy Barlow finds Abi unconscious

Will Abi pull through?

Having agreed they won’t have any secrets Leanne brings Nick up to date on her love life since he left. But will Nick share his own secrets with Leanne?

As a tipsy Audrey takes the stage to accept her award she makes an impassioned speech about Maria and how she is like a daughter to her and she wishes her every success for the future. Audrey confides in David that she resents Claudia for coming between her and Maria, while Maria tells Emma she feels she has made a terrible mistake leaving the salon.

A tipsy Audrey takes the stage to accept her award

A tipsy Audrey takes the stage to accept her award

Adam tells Steve and Tracy that Amy’s contract is really just her way of letting them know how worried she is. Amy’s taken aback when Tracy presents her with a home cooked meal. When Tracy explains she’s merely executing the terms of the contract, Amy becomes upset and asserts that all she’s ever wanted is a normal family.

Second episode of Coronation Street this evening.