Coronation Street spoilers: Has Gary Windass got away with murder?

Will Gary Windass go on the run after discharging himself from hospital?

In tonight’s only episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Adam suspects Sarah is lying to protect Gary…

Sarah visits Gary Windass (Mikey North) and he begs her not to tell the truth. Later, Adam quizzes her about going to see Gary, but she is saved from explaining when the police arrive to ask her about the accident. What will she say when they ask her why she called 999 before the accident happened?

Having discharged himself from hospital, Gary throws some clothes in a holdall and leaves three letters on the side marked for Maria, Izzy and Nicola. Meanwhile, Adam’s suspicions are raised once more when Bernie tells him about the watch Sarah bought off her as a present for him…

Coronation Street spoilers: Has Gary Windass got away with murder?

Gary Windass begs Sarah to keep his secret

Elaine introduces herself to Sally in the cafe and explains that she’s Tim’s Mum, it broke her heart to abandon him but Geoff made her life a living hell and now she wants to do what she can to help Yasmeen. Sally urges her not to give up on Tim as one day he’ll understand. As Elaine heads to Street Cars looking for Tim, she’s horrified when Geoff approaches.

Elaine’s horrified when Geoff approaches.

Will Elaine escape Geoff’s clutches?

When Jenny sympathises with Abi over the twins’ imminent departure for Australia, Gemma insensitively declares it would kill her to be separated from the quads.  Abi flees, upset. When Gemma apologises to her for her thoughtless remarks, she tearfully explains that, for the first time in her life, she’s trying not to be selfish by letting the twins go.