Coronation Street spoilers: Imran Nazir faces a blast from the past

As Imran and Rana Nazir climb in the funeral car, Imran Nazir discovers they’re sharing it with his ex wife

Rana confides in Kate that she’s going to postpone telling her mother the truth about their relationship as she doesn’t want to ruin the funeral. Having enjoyed a night with Imran, Leanne’s put out when he explains that his father has just died and she was just a distraction. As Imran Nazir and Rana climb in the funeral car, Imran’s furious to find they’re sharing it with his ex wife Sabine.

Faye announces she is moving back to Weatherfield but is upset to see how close Emma and Seb are.

Faye announces she is moving back to Weatherfield

Geoff throws a barbeque at No.4 hoping that it’ll encourage Sally and Tim to sort out their differences. At the barbeque, Dev rescues Aadi’s ball from the conservatory roof but in so doing discovers a mobile phone hidden in the gutter. Sally, Tim, Dev, Gina and Geoff look at the mobile phone with horror realising it’s the incriminating burner phone the police are looking for.

Carol tells Sean to be at the Red Rec at 3pm as there’s a food van for the homeless. When Billy calls at the Red Rec with supplies for the food van, he’s bemused to see Sean there.

Johnny agrees that they’ll throw a big party to celebrate their take over of the Rovers. Mary insists that Jude play a game of word association with her. It’s clear there’s a wedding theme but Jude remains oblivious. Audrey tells a sceptical Claudia how she visited Lewis, he told her he loves her and she reckons he’s a changed man.

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