Coronation Street spoilers: Is Michael Bailey the father of Grace’s baby?

Coronation Street spoilers - Leanne is struggling to sleep

In Coronation Street – first part of our preview of tonight’s one-hour episode – the paternity test reveals Michael Bailey is the father of Grace’s baby so he tracks her down at the hospital and attends her 20 week scan.

Moved to see his unborn child, Michael pledges to support Grace, much to Aggie’s horror.

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Michael Bailey the father of Grace’s baby?

Aggie is shocked by the paternity test results

Abi’s determined to take action and arrives on a float, using a loudhailer to spread the word about evil Ray. As she yells defamatory statements about him he makes a discreet phone call. Craig is sent to disperse the protest but, in the ensuing commotion, belligerent Abi throws the loudhailer, hitting him in the face.

The residents stage a protest!

The residents stage a protest!

Struggling to sleep a dishevelled Leanne calls the doctors to request sleeping pills. But when she refuses an appointment, a concerned Dr Gaddas calls at the flat and is taken aback by the state of the place.

As Johnny continues to try to shut Jenny out ahead of his sentencing she’s worried to discover his eyesight is failing. When Evelyn reveals she’s considering moving to Canada with Arthur, Tyrone’s upset. Will Evelyn choose love?

Simon tries to calm a hysterical Kelly when he catches her trying to break into Gary’s shop, wanting justice for her dad.

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