Coronation Street spoilers: James Bailey lies the he has a date with Bethany

The lads rib James Bailey about his relationship with Bethany

Bethany drops her coffee in the street and James Bailey hurries to her aid and listens as she explains she’s upset for Daniel. When Audrey in Coronation Street tackles her about her feelings for Daniel, Bethany maintains they are just friends.

The Bailey boys have lunch in the Bistro. Bethany thanks James for his kindness and Ed and Michael suggest James asks her out.  To shut them up, James lies that he already has a date lined up with Bethany.

JAmes Bailey, Coronation Street

James puts on a confident front when his family tease him in the Bistro about asking Bethany out

Sinead’s still suffering from sickness after her chemo and as Sinead sleeps, Beth bemoans to Daniel that Sinead is too tired and sick to be with Bertie. When Sinead wakes, she’s too weak to hold Bertie and Daniel suggests she should stop having chemo.

Billy tells Sean to cut Paul some slack but later when Paul’s tetchy with Sean and Izzy in the community centre, Sean tells Paul that Billy is worried about him. Paul storms out.

Ali bottles out of returning to work and Ryan pleads with him to attend a support group. Izzy’s curious when Derek asks to meet her later for a talk.

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.