Steve’s mates throw him a surprise stag do in the Rovers, he’s soon handcuffed to the bar but that’s not the only shock in store when Steve’s dad Jim McDonald walks into the pub!

Jim McDonald arrives for Steve’s stag!

When Bethany witnesses Billy handing money to homeless Frank she worries he’s back on drugs and follows him to Weatherfield General where she’s horrified to discover his secret – he’s visiting Josh. Billy begs her to let him explain.

Bethany discovers Billy’s visiting Josh.

When Toyah locks herself out of her flat she’s forced to borrow some of Tracy’s old clothes from Peter for her first day at the medical centre. Moira compliments her new look!

Toyah locks herself out of her flat

Sally’s puzzled to find Sophie and Paula enjoying a drink together, is she onto them?

First episode of Coronation Street being shown tonight.