Coronation Street spoilers: Jim McDonald takes a disliking to Johnny Connor

Jim McDonald realises there is something between Johnny and Liz

Hannah tells Liz McDonald that the hospital are denying any wrongdoing and it will take too long to go through the courts to get the money. Liz researches the treatment and when she realises it will cost £25K she comes through and offers Hannah her life savings. What will Steve and Tracey thing abut that? Meanwhile, Jim McDonald is suspicious of Liz’s past relationship with Johnny Connor when the pair chat in the Rovers Return. Are sparks about the fly?

Jim McDonald and Johnny Connor

Tracy is suspicious when Steve says he is going for a suit fitting. Meanwhile, he sneaks off for his dance rehearsal with Abi. Will their dancing lead to something more?

Steve Takes Dance Lesson

Tim heads off to Bradford with Paula to do some digging on Duncan. Why will they find when they get there?

Feeling superfluous to requirements as Sarah and Carla run the factory, a dejected Peter has a meeting with a potential buyer for his share. When the Gazette turn down Ken’s short story, he offers them Claudia’s idea of tales from a hair salon but will she be happy to hear what he’s done?

First episode of Coronation Street being shown this evening. Second episode of Coronation Street tonight follows at 8.30pm.