Coronation Street Spoilers: Johnny and Carla Connor discover Aidan has taken his own life!

Johnny and Carla Connor are rocked to the core when they find out that Aidan has taken his own life.

Eva toys with her engagement ring, hoping it’s a sign that Aidan wants to try again. But when Aidan doesn’t arrive to open up at the factory Johnny, presuming he’s slept in, lets himself into Aidan’s flat. He finds a note in Aidan’s handwriting. Having read it, he forces his way into the bathroom. Carla Connor lets the police and paramedics into the flat, breaking the awful news that Aidan has taken his own life. The police confirm Aidan’s suicide and the Connors’ are overwhelmed with grief.

David announces he’s going to attend court alone and doesn’t want any support. He emotionally hugs Max and Lily, aware he might not be coming home. When Maria reveals that Aidan has killed himself, David’s floored, aware of his own suicidal thoughts. As Imran drives him to court, David suddenly leaps out of the car and runs off. Shona finds him sitting alone in the urban garden where desperate to unburden himself, David reveals he was raped by Josh.

*1 Hour Episode*