With the baby bombshell now exploded both Eva and Toyah are faced with the consequences of their lies. Can Toyah save her relationship with Peter and how will the Connors react to discovering Aidan had a child? In shock, Carla summons Johnny Connor and Kate and breaks the news that Susie is Aidan’s daughter.

Johnny storms into the pub demanding answers from Eva. He leaves broken-hearted and announces he intends to fight for custody of his granddaughter.

Abi confides in Seb that she intends to bag a man as it’ll help her convince social services that she’s capable of looking after the twins. She tries asking Tyrone out on a date but he turns her down. Up to her old tricks Hope tells Tyrone that Fiz has got a date (she was actually planning a date night with Tyrone).

Gutted to think Fiz has moved on, he tells Abi he’ll take her up on her offer of dinner after all. Fiz is equally gutted to discover Tyrone’s got a date. However when Seb lets slip that Abi’s only after a bloke in the hope it’ll impress social services, will Tyrone back off?

Craig and Bethany are thrilled to discover he passed his police assessment day. He admits to Bethany that he fancies Kayla but he’s worried about getting it wrong. Despite a pang of jealousy, she helps him compose a text inviting Kayla for a drink.

When Alya wonders if she’s bitten off more than she can chew at the factory, Sarah hands over her CV, suggesting she’d make a perfect PA.

*1 hour episode*