Coronation Street spoilers: Johnny Connor turns on Jenny and is numb when he sees Aidan’s body

Johnny Connor tells Jenny that she’s not welcome at the Chapel of Rest.

When Jenny accidentally spills coffee on the suit Johnny Connor has picked out for Aidan’s burial he lets rip and tells her she’s not welcome at the Chapel of Rest. As Johnny waits for his cab, Liz offers to go with him. Jenny’s devastated as she watches them go and breaks down in Rita’s arms. As Johnny stares at Aidan’s body he’s numb with grief. Back at the pub, Liz gives Johnny a comforting hug and the chemistry between them is evident.

Michelle’s chuffed when Ryan explains his job in Ibiza has fallen through and he’ll be sticking around a bit longer. Meanwhile, when Ali tells Robert he’s looking for somewhere to live, Robert offers him Ryan’s room on the grounds that he’ll be back in Ibiza. As Ali moves in he’s not best pleased to discover they’re going to be living together.

Peter talks a grumpy Simon into taking Susie out in her pram to give Toyah a break. But Eva’s furious to see Simon and his mate Tyler smoking over the baby. She storms over and tearing a strip off Simon she wheels Susie away.

Eileen and Fiz meet for a drink and compare lunatic husbands. Meanwhile, Gary’s shocked when Nicola reveals she’s moving to Bristol with Zack.

Telling Sharon to stop phoning him, Kirk asks Carla for some overtime in the hope he can give up dog training. Simon’s gutted when Summer points out he made a big mistake in his history exam. Imran hands Alya a copy of Aidan’s will and advises her to fight for what’s rightfully hers.

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