Coronation Street spoilers: Josh Tucker is arrested on suspicion of rape! Steve kisses Michelle!!

Josh Tucker feigns innocence when he is arrested. How will he get out of this one?

With Shona’s support, David reports Josh Tucker to the police for rape. Josh calls at No.6 and tells a stunned Alya that the real reason Shona dislikes him is because he slept with David. David confirms to the police that he’d be prepared to testify against Josh in court. Back on the street, David resolves to get checked at the STI clinic and Shona promises to be there for him every step of the way. The police arrest Josh on suspicion of rape as he feigns bewilderment.

Sarah’s furious with Gary, pointing out that he could end up in prison for assaulting and kidnapping Phelan. In the storeroom, Phelan regains consciousness as Jack lets himself into the builder’s yard and discovers. Phelan urges Jack to find some scissors and cut him free.

Robert returns with Ryan and assures Michelle that nothing is going to spoil their big day. Stealing himself, Steve approaches Michelle and tells her about Robert’s steroid abuse and heart attack. Insisting she’s too good for Robert and deserves better, Steve kisses her. As Robert walks in will Michelle respond?

As Rosie heads to the photo shoot, she tells Gemma how Antoine duped one of the other models into bringing a holdall into the country and she suspected it contains drugs. When Johnny cuddles Susie and likens her to Aidan as a baby, Toyah quickly takes her from him leaving Peter bemused.