Coronation Street spoilers: Jude and Angie Appleton struggle on…

Angie Appleton masks her dread Jude lets slip that it’s their wedding anniversary tomorrow

When Jude lets slip that it’s their wedding anniversary tomorrow, Mary insists they must celebrate while Angie Appleton masks her dread.

The police present Sally with copies of her bank account and demand to know why Duncan deposited £1000. Sally quizzes Tim who admits the £1k was not a bonus from Streetcars and he thought it was a bank error. Sally is angry and points out he has made her look guilty and that Duncan is claiming she and him were having an affair.

Carla confides in Johnny and Michelle that she is struggling to raise the cash for the factory. Alya is pleased when Carla arrives in the pub and orders champagne saying she is ready to buy the factory.

Checking the coast is clear, Sean helps himself to a vodka behind the bar, intending to take it out to Frank. However Jenny catches him red handed. When Sean fails to offer a decent explanation, Jenny and Johnny tell him they’ve no alternative but to fire him.

Toyah applies for the Counsellor position at the medical centre.

Second episode of the evening.