Carla’s emotional as she leaves another voicemail for Rana, asking her to ring back. Peter apologises to Kate Connor for blaming her for sending the messages and requests her help identifying the real culprit.

Kate agrees, but only to discover who’s sullying Rana’s memory, and enlists the help of Alya to find out which of Rana’s friends may have had access to her account. Carla’s paranoia grows when she covers the webcam on her laptop, fearing she’s being spied on.

Coronation Street spoilers: Kate Connor turns detective

As a harassed Gary ignores Rick’s phone calls, he finishes Mary’s guttering but lies to her that further repairs are needed as a matter of urgency. Mary hires Gary leaving him riddled with guilt. When Rick drives Gary to an assisted living complex, he reveals that he expects Gary to con some gullible old biddies into taking out high-interest loans. Will a desperate Gary agree?

After an argument, Toyah tries to restore peace between her and Imran but when he snaps at her she storms off. As a peace offering, Imran attempts to cook a veg curry.

Nick looks forward to getting Underworld up and running in the community centre. Paul reminds Gemma of the fun-filled caravan trips of their youth and offers to make some enquiries. Ken and Daniel discuss readings for Bertie’s christening but when Daniel says he’s not interested in the religious aspect, Ken suggests a humanist ceremony.

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.