Coronation Street spoilers: Kayla shockingly bounds and gags Bethany!

A furious Kayla takes her anger out on Bethany Platt when Craig refuses to toe the line.

Leaving a terrified Bethany Platt bound and gagged in the house, Kayla returns to the hospital to try to convince Craig that Bethany is a liar and cheated on Nathan with other men by choice.

She then produces a photo of Neil and tells him he’s her dad, but Craig tells her he’s guilty of grooming. Kayla is furious and heads back to the house to confront Bethany.

Claudia arrives at the salon and can’t help lording it over Audrey about how well her business is doing and how she plans to expand her empire.

Fiz consoles Tyrone as he tells her he always hoped his mum would change and come good.

The social worker is unimpressed to find Abi asleep in the back of a car at the garage sleeping off her hangover. Gemma and Henry talk about the changes they are going to make to the Rovers.

First episode of the evening.