As Craig battles his OCD, Kayla Clifton reckons he should give up his police career as the stress could push him over the edge. Meanwhile, Ryan suggests Bethany join him in Ibiza for a few days. She’s tempted but all thoughts turn to Craig when he admits he’s thinking of jacking in the police force.

Liz urges Johnny to give this up but Johnny refuses to listen. Having been spotting buying baby paraphernalia without Susie the police tell Eva that Johnny must have an accomplice and suspicion falls on Liz. At the hotel Johnny tells Liz he plans to go on the run to Spain with Susie and wants her to come with them. As Johnny kisses her will she agree?

Eileen and Dev drag Steve to the bistro and warn him that by marrying Tracy again he’ll be making the biggest mistake of his life. Will Steve listen?

When Henry’s phone buzzes with a call from his father, he quickly kills the call.

First episode of the evening.