Coronation Street SPOILERS: Kelly Neelan is ARRESTED for Nina and Seb’s attack

The net is closing in for Coronation Street's Kelly Neelan...

Kelly Neelan finds herself in big trouble in Monday’s first episode of Coronation Street¬†on ITV from 7.30pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Coronation Street residents are still reeling following the horrific events that saw Seb Franklin and Nina Lucas brutally attacked while out walking together.

As the news of the hate crime sends shockwaves around the cobbles, Corey tells Asha she must lie to the police that they were together at the time the attack took place.

Asha panics in Coronation Street

Corey instructs Asha to lie to the police for him (Picture: ITV)

He then instructs Asha to make sure that Amy, who Asha was actually with when the attack happened, doesnt blab either… leaving Asha worried.

Asha goes to see Amy, panicking about what to do, but while the girls talk Dev arrives and begs his daughter to come home.

He is worried about her living with Corey, the prime suspect in the horrific attack.

The police arrive 

Meanwhile, the net is closing in on Kelly, too.

Nina and Abi talking in Coronation Street

Abi asks Nina what she can remember from the night of the attack (Picture: ITV)

After Abi decides to do some detective work of her own, she grills Nina on what she can remember from the night of the attack.

But poor Nina has got a hazy memory and can only recall seeing Kelly and Corey before the attack happened.

Panicking that they are about to get found out, Kelly visits Corey at the flat and tells him they’re in big trouble.

Summer confesses to Todd in Coronation Street

Summer confesses that she was there the night of the attack but left before anything happened (Picture: ITV)

But before the pair can concoct a cover story, the police arrive at the builder’s yard and arrest Kelly.

Asha watches in horror as Kelly is taken away in a police car.

Meanhile Summer unburdens herself to Todd and admits she was there the night that Nina and Seb were attacked but left before anything happened.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.30pm and 8.30pm with an hour long episode at 7.30 on Fridays on ITV – see our TV Guide for full listings.