Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster drops a bombshell on Tyrone!

Kevin Webster tells Tyrone the truth…

In the first episode of Coronation Street tonight (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings) Ray reiterates his offer of £90k for the garage but tells Kevin Webster he needs a decision by the end of the day.

Abi calls at the bistro and begs Ray to reconsider, pointing out that none of this is Kevin’s fault. Will Ray have a change of heart? Kevin confesses to Tyrone that he’s being blackmailed by Ray, and if he doesn’t sell him the garage, he and Abi are off to prison!

Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster drops a bombshell on Tyrone!

Kevin tells Tyrone that he and Abi may be banged up!

Gemma attends a baby senses class with the quads. When Vanessa, the class leader, compliments her on her parenting skills, Gemma’s made up.

Gemma gets a much needed boost in Coronation Street

Gemma gets a much needed boost!

As she struggles to work alongside Beth, who is determined to give her a hard time, Bethany is disappointed to get a letter of rejection from the college. But he is left torn about leaving Daniel when she reveals that the admissions officer rang and offered her an internship at a magazine in London.

Tracy sets about measuring up at No.1, convinced that she and Steve are the only ones with the money whereas for Peter it’s just a pipe dream. Carla admits to Peter she’s not very keen on No.1 anyway. Peter calls at No.1 with the intention of telling Ken that he no longer wants the house, but when Tracy winds him up he changes his mind.

 Alya confides in Yasmeen that working for Ray was the biggest mistake of her life and she’d like to return to Speed Daal. Yasmeen’s delighted and Geoff paints on a smile.