The talent context is a roaring success with Geoff and Emma’s lady in a box act and Evelyn’s portrait painting but Beth is embarrassed when Kirk Sutherland gets on the stage with a guitar and sings his self penned song about life in packing. Which act will get the most votes?

The talent context is a roaring success

The talent contest is a huge hit – but who will win?

Roy is shocked at the state Carla is in as she explains that everyone is out to get her and she knows Kate is hiding Rana and telling everyone she is dead. Roy begs Carla to go to hospital but she refuses and starts asking after Aidan. What will Roy do to help here?

When Tracy shows Steve some house details he is forced to tell her they are skint and new firm GoLucky are not helping. Tracy insists he starts making some savings in the business, but where will he start?

Alina meets up with Seb but the evening is cut short when she announces she has to get back as she has things to do. Promising she’ll see him again, she hurries away. But does he think she is giving him the brush off?

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