Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby prepares to be lonely at Christmas

Leanne Battersby feels like she’s hit rock bottom

Toyah and Imran get a call from social services in this Christmas Eve episode of Coronation Street. See our TV Guide for full listings.

Social Services are calling to ask if they can foster a baby for today, they’re thrown into excitement and panic in equal measure.

As Toyah excitedly babbles on about the baby to Leanne, Nick rounds the corner with Sam. Making excuses, Leanne scuttles away hiding her upset.

meanwhile, having spent the night in the furniture shop, a forlorn Gary leaves a message for Maria.

Kelly calls at the salon flat and tearfully explains to Maria that she needs to see Gary as he’s the only person in contact with her dad. Having been summoned to the flat by Maria, Gary’s taken aback to find Kelly there.

She explains that she received a Christmas card from her Dad and is desperate to talk to him but Gary asserts that he hasn’t had any contact with Rick for ages and can’t help.

Gary is shocked when Kelly demands answers

Gary is shocked when Kelly demands answers

As David and Shona wrap the kids’ Christmas presents, David assures her that he’ll do his best to carry on supporting her when she moves out.

Clearly not listening, Shona suddenly downs tools and heads out leaving David frustrated. He later breaks the news to Nick and Sarah that he and Shona are splitting up.