Leanne Tilsley tells Nick that she is worried Simon has too much on trying to look after Peter and wants him to move in with them. Nick agrees and says it is time Toyah and Imran moved out so Simon would have their room.

Meanwhile, Ken is worried about Peter and that he is not coping with Carla’s disappearance. As he and Peter return from their meeting, Leanne approaches and rails at Peter for his treatment of Simon.

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Tilsley confront Peter about Simon

Leanne Tilsley has it out with Peter

As Toyah strips the beds, she’s shocked to find Wayne’s missing H&S report under Nick and Leanne’s mattress. Toyah shows Leanne the report and vows to hand it over to the police but she begs Toyah not to go to the police until they’ve shown the report to Nick. When Toyah suggests it was Nick who sabotaged the factory roof, Leanne’s in turmoil.

Jan calls in the flower shop and buys an expensive bouquet which he presents to Mary telling her he’s truly sorry for causing her injury. Mary starts to thaw towards him.

Jan give Mary flowers

Mary warms to Jan when he gives her a huge bunch of flowers

Placing a bowl of granola in front of him, Sally reminds Tim that he’s got his heart check up today. She’s horrified when his test results reveal that both his cholesterol and blood pressure have increased and insists that from now on, they’re going to do some serious exercise. What has she got planned to get him motivated?

First episode of Coronation Street tonight.