Coronation Street spoilers: Liz and Jim McDonald kiss!

Liz and Jim McDonald give in to their feeling and kiss.

Admitting how much she’s missed him, Liz and Jim McDonald kiss. But will Hannah see the pair together and if she does how will she react?

In a bid to do something romantic, Daniel plans an alternative wedding for himself and Sinead…tomorrow! As Sinead secretly makes a biopsy appointment for the morning, she claims she has a dentist appointment and agrees to meet Daniel back at the flat before Tracy’s wedding, unaware he has other plans.

Sinead becomes upset

Sinead becomes upset and Daniel tries to comfort her

Tracy’s hen do kicks off in the bistro. But will it be a night to remember for the wrong reasons?

Tracy’s hen do takes place in the bistro.

Tracy’s hen do takes place in the bistro. Where else?! Is it going to be a great night? Or could everything turn sour for the bride-to-be?

When Ryan finds out Ronan has been looking for him he purposefully smashes up the police waiting room and kicks an officer to ensure he’s locked up again.

Second episode of Coronation Street on this evening. Coronation Street returns next week.