Coronation Street Spoilers: Liz McDonald provides Johnny Connor with a shoulder to cry on

Liz McDonald is there for Johnny Connor when he finally breaks down following Aidan’s death

Johnny breaks down telling Liz McDonald how Jenny’s getting on his nerves and he hates himself for failing his own son. Liz holds him comfortingly in her arms. Back at home, when Jenny brings up Summer’s campaign and suggests he needs to see a doctor Johnny loses it and hurls his glass at the wall. As their row escalates Jenny accuses him of wallowing in grief and Johnny storms out. Meanwhile Jenny, Carla and Michelle consult Adam over Aidan’s will…

When Zeedan clocks Kate crying in Sophie’s arms he notes their intimacy with interest. Meanwhile, Geoff arranges a date with Yasmeen.

Robert reveals he’s been talking to Ali and they feel the wedding should go ahead but a smaller more intimate version. How will Michelle react?

Sinead tells Beth that once they’ve got rid of Flora she intends to move in with Daniel. However having done her homework, and deciding Sinead played fast and loose with Daniel’s affections, Flora tells Sinead she’s got the measure of her and won’t be moving out any time soon!

Shona steals Josh’s CV from the garage and tracks down his previous employers hoping to dig some dirt on him. When a former colleague reveals how Josh was sacked, Shona’s intrigued.

Second episode of the evening.