Coronation Street spoilers: Mary Taylor and Beth compete to be Tracy’s Maid of Honour

Mary Taylor and Beth try to outdo each other with ideas for Tracy’s hen do.

After a great night out in Blackpool, Abi suggests they should do something similar for Tracy’s hen night, but a narked Beth points out that she’s the Maid of Honour and she’s in charge. Over lunch, Mary Taylor and Beth try to outdo each other with their crazy ideas for Tracy’s hen do, while Tracy despairs as Abi tries to muscle in on the plans. Outside the pub, Abi overhears Steve telling Beth that Abi’s twins are better off in care.

As Leanne and Toyah prepare to leave the Rovers and hand over the reigns to Henry and Gemma, Peter points out that according to his solicitor Henry still has not signed the contract. Later, Henry has some shocking news for Gemma…

Josh and Billy in Coronation Street

Billy lies to Shona and says he is spending the day with Summer but heads off to the hospital once more. He reveals to Josh that he’s a friend of David’s and he knows all about the rape. When Shona finds out Summer is at holiday camp, she wonders why Billy lied to her.

Imran’s Dad turns up on the Street and reveals he’s having a 60th birthday party but Rana isn’t invited. Imran’s appalled and refuses to attend.

Imran and Rana Coronation Street

Johnny’s delighted when Eva messages him with a photo of Susie.

First episode of the evening.