The private detective tells Mary Taylor that Jude was last seen at a B&B in Blackpool and cajoles Roy into the trip to find him.

Mary is thrilled when she sees him and asks him to come home, however he tells her he can’t as he owes the B&B owner £500. While Mary heads off to find a cashpoint to pay for Jude’s stay, he turns to his new girlfriend Kelly and painting himself as a surgeon, makes out Mary is one of his patients! Will his compulsive lying ever stop?

Mary Taylor finally catches up with Jude but he’s still lying his way through life.

Nick takes a call from his financial advisor who explains he has some urgent news for Audrey. Later, Audrey calls the financial advisor on Nick’s request and she faints. Gail, David, Nick and Sarah gather round as Audrey admits all the money from Archie has been stolen from her account.

In a bid to win Chesney’s heart, Emma tries being more like Gemma. Chesney’s taken aback when he sees her, whereas Gemma is flatted and reckons she looks amazing.

Emma tries being more like Gemma.

Paul calls in the pub looking for work but Johnny explains they’re fully staffed. Billy tells Paul to meet him at 3pm as he might have some good news for him.