Michelle Connor and Robert excitedly agree to do the pregnancy test together later. While out on the street, Michelle confides in Carla about the pregnancy test but as the builders have a kick around the football hits Michelle hard in the stomach and she rushes to the medical centre to get checked over. When the doctor does a pregnancy test and it comes out negative how will Michelle react?

The doctor does a pregnancy test on Michelle Connor and it comes out negative

Evelyn tries to sneak back into number 9 but finds a furious Tyrone in wait angry at the worry she has put him through. Can these two patch things up?

Evelyn tries to sneak back into number 9

In the barber’s, David’s snowed under with appointments and with Andrea gone, doesn’t know how he’ll cope on his own. Nick assures him he’ll sort things out but it will take some time to get settled. Later, Gail calls at the barber’s and insists on lending a hand but David soon smells a rat.

In the cafe, Jan flirts with Eileen and suggests he joins her in the Rovers later. Will she say yes? When Lolly announces she’s booked a male strip club for their hen night, Kate and Rana are less than impressed and insist she comes up with something else. But will Lolly’s next plan be even worse?

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