Coronation Street spoilers: Is Michelle Connor pregnant?

Michelle Connor tells Robert she thinks she might be pregnant.

Robert tells Vicky that he can’t take Tyler back on but he has got him a job at a mate’s cafe in Macclesfield. But he suddenly has other things on his mind when Michelle Connor tells him she thinks she might be pregnant.

Gary reveals to Carla that he has hired Jan to help him with the factory roof but she reiterates that she is not getting a new roof until absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, Seb is less than impressed when Jan turns on the charm with Eileen.

Jan turns on the charm with Eileen.

David and Nick fear the opening is a disaster as the waiting punters get angry and Tommy Orpington threatens to leave. Is the business finished before it has begun? Meanwhile, with Nick otherwise engaged, Carla ramps up her plans to outsource production to a cheaper factory. When Beth spots some info on Carla’s computer, Carla assures her if she keeps quiet she will make it worth her while.

Robert tells Billy that he would like to train up ex offenders from the bail hostel.

Robert and Billy

Tyrone explains to Craig that Evelyn’s gone missing in Paris and he promises to ask around at the police station. Geoff admits that he’s been milking his injury as he enjoys staying at No.6 and doesn’t want to go home. Yasmeen is touched and tells him that she loves him and invites him to move into her room. Geoff kisses her and admits that he loves her too.

Second episode of Coronation Street this evening.