Coronation Street Spoilers: Robert Preston tells Michelle the wedding is still on

Robert Preston tells Michelle Connor that the wedding will go ahead but she wonders whether getting married so soon after Aidan's death is disrespectful

Michelle Connor reveals she’s cancelled the wedding as it wouldn’t be right so soon after Aidan’s death. But when Ali suggests that perhaps a small family wedding is what they all need and offers to help organise it, Robert Preston reckons it’s a good idea. Later, Michelle reveals the contents of Aidan’s will to the Connor women. How will they react?

When Rana offers to work a shift at Speed Dhal, Zeedan’s pleased whilst Yasmeen worries that he’s getting his hopes up. When Yasmeen suggests to Zeedan that it’s time he got over Rana and found a new girlfriend, Zeedan points out that she’s still married to Sharif. Yasmeen calls in the solicitors’ office and sets the wheels in motion for a divorce.

Rita orders Tyrone to move his wind man as it keeps banging on her window. On Imran’s advice David pleads guilty at his court hearing. Urged on by Billy, Summer reveals her idea for an initiative called ‘Speak & Save’ to encourage young men to talk about mental health. Jenny and Carla are impressed and offer their support. Adam tells Flora she’s welcome to stay as long as she likes.

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