Coronation Street spoilers: News of Peter Barlow and Abi’s ‘affair’ is out…

Debbie tells Kevin that Abi is sleeping with Peter Barlow

In tonight’s hour-long episode of Coronation Street at 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full listings) Kevin and Abi are forced to fight for their love ones due to Debbie’s meddling…

After telling Debbie and Kevin she is spending the day with Seb, Abi is reminded of a physio appointment she has and books a cab but is surprised to see Peter is her driver.

When Mary mentions that she saw Peter Barlow and Abi driving off together, Debbie is immediately suspicious. When Kevin arrives home, excited about booking a holiday cottage, Debbie can’t bear to keep him in the dark any longer and, with a heavy heart, reveals that Abi’s having an affair.

Kevin reels and heads for the Rovers. What will he do next? Abi and Peter try to convince Carla and Kevin that there is nothing going on but Abi is forced to admit she did make a silly pass at Peter.

Carla accuses Peter of tiring of a normal relationship once she was back on an even keel so he went looking for the next damsel in distress.

Abi and Peter try to convince Carla and Kevin that there is nothing going on

Abi and Peter Barlow try to convince Carla and Kevin that there is nothing going on

Geoff returns to Adam’s office for another look for his missing envelope of money. Adam’s perturbed to hear that Daniel’s already searched for it. Daniel visits Nicky in the hospital to find her on the mend and plans to return to work. She’s stunned when Daniel places Geoff’s envelope of cash in front of her. Will she accept?

Will Nicky refuse Daniel's money?

Will Nicky refuse Daniel’s money?

Geoff accosts Alya in the street, accusing her of stealing his cash while a guilt-ridden Daniel and a suspicious Adam look on. Adam tackles Daniel about Geoff’s missing money. But he denies all knowledge. Adam takes his word for it but warns against crossing Geoff.

Geoff suspects Alya stole his cash!

Geoff suspects Alya stole his cash!

Michael is elated when Tianna calls him daddy but when he sees how uneasy Grace is he guesses she is worried about Tianna getting too attached to him.

Billy and Paul worry if they have opened up a can of worms by going public in the Gazette and not telling Sean and Eileen about it.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.