Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley and Peter bury the hatchet?

Peter comforts Nick Tilsley after he apologises

In tonight’s only episode of Coronation Streetat 7.30pm (see our TV guide for full details) Simon reveals to Peter what he overheard Leanne saying.

Despite Leanne apologising, Simon says he is going to stay with his dad. Leanne tells Nick Tilsley she feels terrible, prompting Nick to square up to Peter and accuse him of taking Simon off Leanne.

Meanwhile, a drained Leanne agrees to let Oliver stay the night with Steve at No.1. As the whole family struggle with the devastating diagnosis, Nick apologies to Peter and finds himself being comforted by his nemesis.

Nicks squares up to Peter before breaking down!

Nicks squares up to Peter before breaking down!

Having found out the terrible news about Oliver, Jenny gets upset remembering her own son Tom. When Emma admits her fears for how Steve will cope, Jenny assures her that given time, he will get through it.

Later, Scott’s not best pleased when Jenny explains that Johnny was all set to return with her but changed his mind at the last minute and opted to stay in France.

Emma and Jenny bond over Oliver

Emma and Jenny bond over Oliver

Gemma’s chuffed when Chesney orders her to get glammed up as he’s taking her on a date night, as Tyrone cooks Fiz a steak dinner for their romantic night in.  They are astonished when Chesney and Gemma turn up to join them, Chesney having misinterpreted Fiz’s advice as an invitation.  Seeing Chesney and Gemma’s crestfallen faces as they head back home, Fiz and Tyrone take pity and invite them to stay.

Toyah explains to Imran that Leanne is in bits and now is the wrong time to foster a child. The pair then explain to Karen, the social worker, that given the situation with Oliver, they need to put their fostering plans on hold.

Arthur walks Evelyn home and, apologising for getting carried away talking trains with Roy, suggests they have a day out of her choosing.  Evelyn agrees to think about it.