Toyah moans to Sarah about being stuck in a pokey damp flat on Tile Street as she and Leanne can’t afford anything better. Sarah relays the tale to Nick Tilsley who surprises the sisters by revealing he has put a deposit down and paid three months rent on Johnny’s old flat in Victoria Street. Will the pair accept his generous offer after everything that’s happened?

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley has a big surprise for Leanne and Toyah

Leanne and Toyah get a big shock!

Mary tries to return the cheque to a suspicious Roy who realises there is something going on that Mary is not telling him. Geoff hosts the Good Samaritan Awards at Speed Daal and Jude preens as the crowd listens. Arriving late, Mary can’t bear to hear all the good things being said about her lying son and slips out of the awards followed by Roy. Will he get Mary to tell him why she can’t look at Jude?

In the cafe, Jack spots Lila, the girl who sat next to him at holiday club. Kevin realises Jack’s smitten. Meanwhile, Lewis surprises Audrey with an enormous bouquet of flowers.

Jack is smitten

Jack is smitten

Chesney waits nervously for Gemma in the bistro. However he’s disappointed when Gemma turns up with her mate, Spike, blissfully unaware of his romantic intentions. To save his embarrassment, Emma steps in to make up the foursome. Will Emma’s presence ignite a spark of jealously in Gemma?

Phil calls at the holiday club and is impressed to see it running so smoothly. Brian’s flattered but when Phil dispatches him to carry out a risk assessment on the urban garden, his disappointment is palpable and Cathy casts a suspicious eye at Phil. 

First episode of Coronation Street this evening.