Shona enlists Imran’s help to look at Clayton’s request for a move but he doesn’t hold out much hope.

Meanwhile, Nick Tilsley is furious with Shona for her actions and tells her that she has no regard for David’s feelings. But when David finds out that Nick has upset Shona, he’s angry with Nick for interfering and has no problem telling him so.

Later, Shona tells Clayton that a move is unlikely and he shocks her with his response.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley confronts Shona in the street!

Nick Tilsley is angry with Shona

When Gemma suggests they have a night in with a takeaway, Chesney’s delighted and that thought of being alone with her. Will these two take their relationship to the next level in the bedroom?

Brian is clearly struggling to run the Kabin single handed and Cathy urges him to make up with Rita and ask for her help. But will Rita come to their rescue? Roy shows Peter some of his mother’s jewellery and asks his advice as to which piece Carla might like.

When Roy enthuses about the boat and how it reminds him of his childhood, Peter offers to show him round. Will looking round the boat give Roy ideas about how he wants to spend his future?

After everything he has put her through over the past few months, Johnny tries to reach out to a fragile Jenny but will she accept his help? And if she pushes him away again will this be the end of their relationship?