Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley says goodbye to his son?

Nick Tilsley tells his son that they can’t be together...

Adamant that he doesn’t want to move to London, Sam begs Nick Tilsley to let him move in with him and Leanne in tonight’s second episode of Coronation Street. See our TV Guide for full listings.

Having taken a call from a tearful Sam, Leanne asks Nick why he failed to mention Natasha’s move to London and urges him to be firm with Sam and explain that he has to remain with his Mum.

Nick calls Sam, and battling his emotions, explains that it’s not possible for him to move in with him and Leanne as the timing is all wrong.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley says goodbye to his son?

Sam is gutted when Nick explains he can’t move in

Elsewhere, Will tells Paul his violent stepdad walloped his mum and he was scared for his life and Paul insists they must report the incident to the police.

Todd finds Billy drinking alone in the Rovers and when Billy explains how Paul had to go to a friend’s rescue, Todd keeps his counsel.


Todd finds Billy alone in the Rovers…

David and Shona hit the rocks when they have a heart to heart and Shona becomes confused and gives him the impression that she doesn’t want to be with him.

Fighting back tears, David tells her that it’s time to accept their marriage isn’t working and poor Shona is left feeling confused and isolated.

Also, Michael apologises to Gemma for nicking her customers and offers to buy her stock at cost. Gemma’s tempted but assures him there’s no need.

When Chesney offers to have a word with Big Garth and set her up with a stall at the Christmas market, Gemma’s thrilled and he’s pleased to see her so positive.

Maria confronts Gary over Rick’s watch and demands to know if Rick’s dead. Gary makes out he’s no idea and if that’s the case, it’s nothing to do with him but Maria’s not convinced.