Seeing how upset Toyah is after her bust up with Imran, Leanne tells Nick Tilsley she has invited her to move in and that she was only telling Imran she believed Nick was involved in the factory collapse to humour Imran. Nick is furious and as Toyah makes herself at home Nick lets her know he doesn’t trust her.

Nick and Toayh do the dishes

Nick is angry with Toyah

Steve tells the police he was driving but had no choice as the robber threatened him. But will he confess to picking the guy up illegally?

Kirk performs his special song for Beth outside the pub and she’s deeply touched. Later, he leaves in a taxi for his musical tour and Beth bids him an emotional farewell.

Kirk performs his special song for Beth

Kirk performs his special song for Beth

Natalie persuades David to stay late and give her some more training, and when he agrees she thanks him and cracks open a beer. Back at home, Shona has prepared a romantic meal but when David finally gets home stinking of beer she is fuming.

When Brian and Wayne try to interest him in their research, Roy ushers them out of the cafe, making out he needs to close up as he’s due at Ken’s. It’s clear Wayne’s concerned for him.

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