Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) tells Leanne he is committed to their relationship but he needs to go to Nottingham to tie up some loose ends.

He’s shocked when he sees Elsa heading towards number 8 and steers her towards the Bistro, watched by an intrigued Carla. Furious that he has missed their business meeting, Carla gets Nick’s car keys off the desk and gets his address from his sat nav. But she is surprised by what she finds when she looks around his car… 

Tracy agrees to go for lunch in town with Steve on condition he sort Abi out with a job on the switch at Street Cars. Back home after a good lunch date, Steve is about to give Tracy her wedding ring to put back on when Amy walks in and is incredulous. Will Amy tell Steve and Tracy their making a big mistake?

Tim and Gina visit Sally in prison.

Tim and Gina visit Sally in prison.

Tim and Gina visit Sally in prison.

When Tim makes a point of telling Sally how much he loves her, Gina realises with horror that he’s worked out her feelings for him.

Kate suggests they do some baby research and look at the options. Will Rana tell her how she really feels about starting a family together or will she keep quiet?

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