Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Nicola Rubinstein and her baby survive?

Nicola Rubinstein pleads with the doctors to save her baby as Gary asks a friend for a favour

Gary summons his friend Joe and explains that he needs a favour. As Nicola Rubinstein is loaded into the ambulance she suffers stomach pains and is rushed in for an emergency cesarean, will she and the baby survive? Meanwhile, Gary and Joe pull up at the campsite in Abergele and Gary’s shocked when he spots Phelan in the distance, alive and well!

Alya demands to know what’s going on between Josh and David. Josh makes out it was an unprovoked attack but Alya’s suspicious. Shona implores David not to let Josh wind him up as it’s exactly what he wants and as she squeezes his hand she phones the counsellor for advice.

Ali tells a gobsmacked Steve that Robert has been taking steroids, suffered a heart attack and Michelle’s none the wiser. The hens arrive and join forces with the stags. When Ryan suggests to Michelle that she’s marrying Robert on the rebound, Michelle’s taken aback and as the stags head into town, Steve remains behind.

Second episode of the evening.