Coronation Street Spoilers: Has Nicola Rubinstein lead Gary to Phelan’s hiding place?

Nicola Rubinstein shows Gary a message from an online friend which gets Chesney thinking

The Judge sentences David to 18 months in prison, suspended for 2 years. Having witnessed another argument between them, Alya wonders what’s going on between Josh and Shona. She’s unnerved when Shona warns her that Josh isn’t the guy she thinks he is. Later, she urges a shocked David to report his rape to the police, revealing he isn’t Josh’s only victim. When Gary suggests he’d like Sarah to try and get on with Nicola Rubinstein for the sake of his child, Sarah’s given food for thought and goes to visit Nicola with some of Lily’s old baby clothes. Gary’s pleased to see them getting on but when Nicola shows him a message from her new online friend, Gary’s horrified to realise the friend is based in Abergele.

Ali’s unimpressed when Michelle lets him down in favour of collecting a drunk Ryan from the airport. When Robert’s best man cancels, Michelle’s worried when Ryan insists he organises the stag night.

Eileen confides in Leanne how she’s being terrorised by a stalker and the police have asked her to keep a diary.

Michelle pours her heart out to Steve about her relationship with her sons and Robert watches with a pang of jealousy. Fiz angrily orders a confused Tyrone to keep the kids away from Abi and not snog her in future! When Hope reveals that Fiz calls Abi the heroin addict, Tyrone’s appalled.

[Second episode of the evening.]