Coronation Street spoilers: Paul flirts with Billy Mayhew

Billy Mayhew is flattered when Paul blatantly flirts with him

Paul joins Billy Mayhew in the cafe and flirts with him outrageously. Will things hot up between the pair if they leave together?

A depressed Audrey calls in the salon and tells David how the bank are refusing to reimburse her, meanwhile Evelyn lets slip that Claudia’s salon is closed whilst she has an extension built. Later, a furious Audrey storms up to Claudia accusing her of stealing her £80k.

Audrey storms up to Claudia accusing her of stealing her £80k.

A triumphant Tim makes a statement to the police about what Gina discovered when she followed Duncan to the phonebox yesterday. Meanwhile, Marcia is Sally’s new cell mate and she’s dealing drugs withiut a care in the world. After a prison officer searches their cell for drugs Marcia beats up Sally, convinced she dobbed her in.

Eileen offers to orchestrate a meeting with Liz, Jenny and Johnny and Liz reluctantly agrees but later she heads out on a mission. Eileen leads Johnny and Jenny to Liz’s flat explaining how she’s paved the way for a calm and constructive discussion without involving the police. But is Liz really ready to forgive and forget? Elsewhere,when Brian struggles to find a new line of work, Cathy has a brainwave.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 8.30pm