Noting how upset she is, Peter Barlow takes Abi back to his boat where he comforts her and they end up kissing passionately. Will these two end up doing more then just kissing?

Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow and Abi kiss!

Peter and Abi lock lips…

Seb attends the twins’ hearing, lying that he’s got a full time job and the backing of Eileen. Abi tells the court that while it breaks her heart, she wants the twins to remain with their foster parents as Seb is lying about his situation. How will the court rule?

Seb attends the twins’ hearing

Seb lies at the hearing

Steve and Tracy blame themselves for Amy’s predicament, aware that with their selfish squabbling they’ve neglected their daughter. Vicky comes across Amy in the urban garden and tells her she did the right thing having an abortion.

When a bemused Amy assures her that she’s still pregnant, Vicky’s stunned. She confronts Steve and Tracy over their lies. Tracy tells Vicky that so long as Tyler stays away from Amy they won’t report him for rape, meanwhile Amy is reduced to tears by her predicament.

Thinking Tyrone wants nothing more to do with her, Evelyn heads off to Italy. But will Tyrone have a change of heart and try to track her down?

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