Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow and Carla are in the firing line!

Peter Barlow and Carla fail to spot a car approaching and a gun pointing at them!

Peter Barlow is guarding Simon at the factory, when he has to go out, Carla promises not to let Simon out of her sight. But Carla’s distracted when she catches Sinead altering Cathy’s coat on her work machine.

As she reprimands her Sinead has a funny turn and Carla goes looking for Daniel. Watching her leave, Tyler and his mates then bang on the factory doors issuing threats. Peter arrives back but as he and Carla quickly unlock the factory doors, they fail to spot a car approaching and a gun pointing at them through its open window!

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As Jude and Mary make arrangements for the vow renewal, Tracy ridicules their decision to surprise Angie. Despite Jude’s efforts to distract her, Angie bites the bullet and declares their marriage is over.

ANGIE APPLETON In coronation Street

When Daniel suggests Kate’s ultimatum is unfair she’s torn. Will the girls make up before Rana leaves?

Cathy asks Sinead to alter a coat for her by tomorrow. Imran comforts Leanne who’s worried sick about Simon. When Angie walks in on them kissing is their secret out? Fiz and Tyrone help Kevin prepare No.13 for Jack’s return from rehab.

First episode of Coronation Street on ITV this evening.