Coronation Street Spoilers: Pregnant Nicola Rubinstein stumbles down the stairs!

Will Nicola Rubinstein and the baby be ok when she hears a noise and trips down the stairs?

His suspicions growing about Nicola’s new friend, Gary decides to do some research. Having made some calls, Gary tracks down a man fitting Phelan’s description to a caravan park in Wales. Nicola’s home alone at No.11 but when she hears a noise upstairs she stumbles and falls down the stairs. Having heard the crash, Fiz rushes round and is horrified to find Nicola Rubinstein lying unconscious. As Eileen and Seb tend to Nicola, the culprit looks on…

David asks Shona to move back in, as Josh drips poison in Max’s ear, telling him that David doesn’t love him as much as Lily because he’s not his real Dad. When Max tells David what he said, an incensed David storms into the cafe and grabs Josh, telling him to stay away from Max.

As Ryan sets off for the stag do, Michelle asks him to make sure Robert doesn’t drink too much. The stags gather in the pub; Robert as Freddie Mercury, Daniel as Jarvis Cocker, Ryan and Ali as Liam and Noel Gallagher. When Steve arrives dressed as Boy George, Robert’s annoyed at Ryan for inviting Michelle’s ex. When Ryan tries to ply Robert with alcohol, Steve’s concerned and Ali steps in, reminding Ryan that Michelle warned him to take it easy.

When Kim stops over at Fiz’s, Hope tells a furious Tyrone that Fiz had a man to stay and asked her to spy on Daddy. Rosie’s gutted when she hears there’s a fashion shoot taking place at the factory but her agent failed to put her forward. Gemma convinces the organisers to hire Rosie but when she gets the call sheet, Rosie’s horrified to see Antoine, her ex boyfriend’s name on the list.

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