Rana Nazir (Bhavnia Limbachia) insists she doesn’t want to break up with Kate, and it’s clear Kate’s relieved but later Alya tells Rana that Imran saw Kate and Adam getting frisky in the office. Rana confronts Kate and insists the relationship is over. Can Kate bring herself to explain why she was really with Adam?

Coronation Street spoilers: Rana Nazir confronts Kate about last night...

Lewis wants to prove the Platts that he is not after Audrey’s money. But can they bring themselves to trust him? Meanwhile, feeling terrible and in way of an apology, Brian offers to help Jack remember his lines.

Brian offers to help Jack remember his lines 

The dognapper catches Evelyn, Roy and Tyrone attempting to break in to his back garden and calls the police. Has Evelyn lost Cerberus for good? And more importantly will the trial end up in jail?

Johnny and Jenny have a furious row about is relationship with Liz and it’s clear that Jenny won’t rest until Liz is out of the picture. Later, Liz tells Johnny that Jim and Hannah are being detained for questioning, meanwhile in a hotel room, Jenny’s app confirms to her that Johnny and Liz are together. Will this latest revelation finally push Jenny over the edge?

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