Coronation Street spoilers: It’s Ray Crosby verses Jenny and Johnny!

Ray Crosby goes up against Jenny and Johnny for the best New Year’s Eve party

Jenny puts up a poster in the cafe advertising the Rovers’ New Year’s Eve party, while Ray Crosby enlists his staff help to prepare the bistro for their rival New Year’s Eve launch party and he reveals his plans to make a donation to a cancer charity in memory of Sinead.

The girls are impressed at his generosity. However, later Johnny and Jenny confront Ray in the bistro, outraged that he’s going head to head and trying to scupper their New Year’s Eve party in this episode of Coronation Street (8.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings)?

Tracy thanks Paula for going to so much trouble helping Amy with her work experience.

Tracy is grateful for Paula's help

Tracy is grateful for Paula’s help

The residents reel as the true nature of Gary’s work is revealed post the Christmas Day shooting. Will he finally be hounded out the street and how will Izzy cope?

When Abi reveals she’s meeting Kevin for a drink, Sally realises he’s still got the hots for Abi. But when Abi finds out that Kevin is putting their drink before a banger race event that she knows he has been looking forward to, she insists that they can meet for a drink tomorrow. Kevin reluctantly agrees but it’s clear he’s disappointed that her feelings for him have changed.