Coronation Street spoilers: Ray has a tempting offer for Nick Tilsley

Nick Tilsley is torn when Ray and Debbie make him an offer…

Debbie quizzes Ray in this New Year’s Eve episode.

Debbie is wondering why Gary changed his mind about selling the factory but Ray’s evasive.

Ray and Debbie offer Nick Tilsley alternative premises for Underworld on half the rent. Nick’s torn but what will he do? Meanwhile, Sam calls at No8 with a birthday present for Nick.

Daniel is taken aback to discover Peter has discharged himself from hospital. Where will he go?

Can Daniel track down Peter before it's too late?

Can Daniel track down Peter before it’s too late?

Sarah returns to the corner shop flat, dressed to the nines and carrying a bottle of wine. She suggests to Adam they see in the New Year together and Adam’s touched.

As Sarah opens the wine, Adam watches her lovingly and suggests that they should start again with a clean slate. Sarah smiles seductively.

Meanwhile, a clearly upset Kelly confronts Gary and demands that he tell her what he’s done to her Dad.

Having discovered that Bernie bought the toys, Tim buys the whole lot back for £30. Elaine’s pleased to see that he has managed to get his toys back and suggests he sells the vintage car and donates the proceeds to Oliver’s charity.

Paul confirms that he’s been charged with criminal damage and assault. Billy’s deeply concerned whilst Todd relishes the news.

When Billy and Paul announce that they’ve cleared the air and realise they need to spend more time together, Summer’s heart melts whilst Todd quietly seethes.