Coronation Street Spoilers: Robert Preston is stunned when Michelle hands him Aidan’s will

Robert Preston reads Aidan’s will and is stunned by his final wishes.

Putting the will in her pocket, Michelle finds a letter in Aidan’s handwriting addressed to Johnny. With the family present, Johnny opens the letter and reads the words “I’m sorry, Aidan”. Later, Robert Preston is taken aback when Michelle shows him Aidan’s will…

Shona visits David in prison and implores him to tell Imran about the rape. When Shona admits she confronted Josh herself, David becomes stressed and she worries that she’s done more harm than good. Alya confronts Shona wanting to know why she so obviously dislikes Josh, but will Shona tell her the truth?

Daniel’s amused over dinner when Flora takes an instant dislike to Sinead and accuses her of trying to poison her! When Flora later asks Adam about his day he finds himself opening up to her, revealing his fears that his ongoing feud with Aidan caused him to take his own life. Flora offers some words of comfort and Adam’s touched.

Tyrone’s horrified to discover his dancing wind man has been purposefully damaged. Summer finally opens up to Billy about how upset she is at Aidan’s death. Sophie confides in Rosie how she showed Johnny Aidan’s text and he pretty much blamed her for his death.

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