Coronation Street spoilers: Rosie Webster is asked on This Morning with Phil and Holly!

Rosie Webster is chuffed when she is asked to appear on This Morning after some extensive press coverage.

Rosie Webster is thrilled will all her press coverage after the drugs bust and even more so when This Morning call to say Phil and Holly want to interview her, Gemma and Craig.

Determined to expose Rosemary as a fraudster, Roy enlists the help of Cathy and Audrey at the psychic event. When Rosemary takes the stage, Gail laps it up but unwilling to listen to Rosemary’s claptrap any longer, Roy slips out going in search of evidence. Will Rosemary be exposed?

Gary and Nicola are at odds. While, Kirk agrees to accompany Sharon on a shopping expedition.

First episode of the evening.